Landscaping Companies Near Me

Did You Search for Landscaping Companies Near Me? We Can Help!


A search for landscaping companies near me is pretty common. It might have even led you here. If it did, welcome! You've definitely come to the right place. At Hawks Landscaping, we're happy to help all of our Everett, WA customers get the great looking yards and lawns they need and want. Our landscaping services are numerous, so you can get what you really want from us no matter what your starting point is. We can create a great new lawn for you, or maintain the lovely one you already have.


Landscaping companies near me might be a fairly common search, but we're not a common landscaping company. We know what our customers need and want, and we listen to the goals and plans those customers have for their lawns. It's a great way to make sure we keep our customers happy with the landscaping and lawn care they're getting.

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